Practice Areas

  • Real Estate Law

    Real Estate Law covers: Titles, Mortgages, Foreclosures, Closing, and Escrow. Titles: Are given to individuals who officially own land or property. Mortgages: Are loans that cover the cost of a house. When a homeowner wants to take out a mortgage on their house, they will need to hand over partial... Read more »

  • Probate

    A legal process that takes place after an individuals dies. The process includes: Proving in a court setting that a deceased individuals will is valid Identifying and inventorying the deceased individuals property Having said property appraised Paying all debts and taxes Distributing the remaining property as the will declares Typically,... Read more »

  • Business Contract

    Business contracts are legal agreements between a business and/or individual and another party. Contracts must contain five key elements: All parties involved in contract The considerations that include what each party has to gain from the contract The terms and conditions of the contract Competent parties: A contract may be... Read more »

  • Entity Creation

  • Wills and Trusts

  • Estate Planning

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