Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law covers: Titles, Mortgages, Foreclosures, Closing, and Escrow.

  • Titles:
  • Are given to individuals who officially own land or property.

  • Mortgages:
  • Are loans that cover the cost of a house. When a homeowner wants to take out a mortgage on their house, they will need to hand over partial ownership to the lenders as collateral throughout the period of the loan.

  • Foreclosures:
  • Are when a homeowner is unable or fails to pay their mortgage. The lender then is able to take control over the house.

  • Closing:
  • When ownership of real estate is officially transferred over to the new homeowner.

  • Escrow:
  • When a disinterested third party is given money or property to hold for safekeeping.

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